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What it is

Prairie Rose Park is a new residential housing development in Langham.  Third Street will be extended to the east and phase 1 will be located on the south side of the new street. 

The first phase will consist of 33 single family lots.  Due to recent upgrades to the town infrastructure, Langham is now ready for growth and these lots will be the first new lots constructed in Langham in many years. 


The province is growing rapidly.  In fact Saskatchewan grew faster in 2022 than at any point in over 100 years.  A majority of this growth is happening in the greater Saskatoon metro area, which includes Langham.  We are positioning this development to be ready to welcome new families into the community.

Buy a lot

Buy a Lot

Choose from many different lots and build your own dream home!

Buy a Home

Buy a Home

Choose one of our lots and build the home of your dreams. Or we can build it for you


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